Handzame is situated along the  cycling  route connected to the West Flanders cycling network. It is also an ideal environment for Nordic walking.  Initiation courses and trial lessons are given at local clubs. 2 pair of  solid  poles are also available for the sports walker.

The Hanzame Valley has for twenty years been a European Birds protected area, and is known for its waterbirds and waders.

Handzame is a central start to a large number of war-sites Vladslo, Koekelare, Houthulst, Merkem, Poelkapelle, Diksmuide, to cities such as Ieper, Veurne, Brugge and the West Coast.

Plopsaland and Bellewaerde are reachable within half an hour.

Extensive touristic information, including a large number of cycling routes and walking routecards is at your disposal.


As mentioned on the website of the municipality of Kortemark, the earliest official mention of “Hansam” dates back to the year 1085. The name is of Germanic origin,  meaning “spit in the middle of a flood area”.

Presumably it was the Frisian merchants who, on a peninsula jutting above the sea founded a settlement, where they traded their goods on the water.

Even centuries after the flood  had withdrawn, Handzame was a significant seaport.

At high tide, medium-sized vessels entered into the “Aarsgat”. From here, the Flemish cloth was transported via the Krekebeek to the Torhout market. Till the end of the 19th century, every Monday “Cogghe”  vessels transported farmers’ wives  to the Butter Market in Diksmuide. Source: website municipality Kortemark